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Why Salary Package?

Why Salary Package?

SalaryMasters can help you get the most out of your salary

Salary Packaging is the term used when an employee elects to have some of their salary paid to them as a non-cash benefit.

In some industries the employer is able to pay the employee’s expenses instead of paying cash, which means that there is no need for the income tax to be paid on these amounts.

Salary packaging facilitates this. So whether it be your next car, a mortgage, living expenses, meals and entertainment or even your next holiday, SalaryMasters can help you get a little boost by taking it out of your pre-tax salary. 

  •  Use your pre-tax salary to pay for everyday expenses
  •  Take advantage of reduced taxable income to save even more
  •  Enjoy peace of mind by having your salary allocated before you receive your pay
  • Access pre-paid cards that take the guesswork out of reimbursements

All employees have access to salary packaging. If you are part of certain industries, you can also hae access to even more benefits that can dramatically decrease your taxable salary!

Have a look at our case studies specific to your industry here, and go ahead and find out how much you can save on our calculator.

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