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Take home more by salary packaging

Whether you work in a bank, hospital, aged-care facility or for the government, SalaryMasters can help you make the most out of your salary. 

Now that you know why you should salary package, you should understand what benefits you have available depending on the industry you work in.

If you are eligible to salary package without incurring FBT then you can realise large tax savings, as they can elect to have some of their expenses paid for them by their employer rather than taking cash salary.

This not only means that they do not pay income tax on this money, but it may also reduce the amount of tax that they pay on the remainder of their salary if the reduction brings them down into a lower tax bracket.

Click through to your industry group to learn more about what is available to you.


Such as charity and aged care workers etc.


Such as private schools and religous organisations

When you have had a read through the case studies, calculate your own savings and get in contact with us today - our Masters are waiting to help.

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